Offer Price:


Net Operating Income:


Cap Rate:




Lease Term:

5 Years



Investment Highlights

  • 5 Years Remaining
  • Newly Renovated & Refurbished Building
  • Brand New Roof with 10-Year Warranty
  • Minimal Landlord Resposibilities
  • Investment Grade Credit Tenant, Rated BBB by S&P
  • Competition Void, Nearest Dollar Store 20+ Miles Away
  • Serving 44,828 Residents in Calaveras County
  • Avg. HH Income $91,000+ within 1 Mile
  • Situated in Central Sierra Mountains
  • West of Stanislaus National Forest with 2.6M Visitors Annually
  • 2.5 Hr Drive to Yosemite National Park with 3.85M Visitors Annually
  • Highly Visible to 13,500 Cars/Day Along Route 4, Direct to San Francisco

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